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Aurora Icons

When art turns into obsession..

14 June
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R u l e s
[1]+ All the icons I post here are welcome to be used by anyone. Please share.
[2]+ Please state which icon you are taking in the comments section of each post.
[3]+ Please do not claim that you have created the icon that you have taken from this journal.
[4]+ Credit is not necessary but it is nice ^^;
[5]+ This is not an icon request journal so please do not ask me to make personal icons because I will decline.
[6]+ I will customize but only on certain icons and if I decline customization please don't be upset. Some customization is very difficult.
[7]+ Enjoy your time here at Aurora Icons!

I just got a new web host with lots of space so I will not be deleting as much icons as I used to from previous posts. I will only if necessary, and also when I update the site with new icons. To see the icons that were previously posted here, and are no longer, please visit my icon site below. Thank you!

Please add this journal to your friends list if you have a interest in my icons and if you have an interest in myself then you can add my personal LJ which is nyx and I will most likely add you back. Thank you and enjoy!

Credit for the layout goes to beetwo